Grey and Steel* (a poem about a train journey)

Night’s saturnine blanket still lays heavy, the moon’s all seeing gaze shines bright and steady.
Dew glistens where it settled, life comes a stir, milk bottles tinkle, engines sputter to a purr.
Most sleep masked eyes still yet to flicker, while shovel and broom clear the last scraps of litter.
The masses still adrift on dream lashed rafts, nightshifts clock out and lay down their graft.
The east lights a flame as the sleepy sun is rising, igniting the day all along the horizon.
As the world we remember slowly fades into view, the conductor’s dawn chorus swells right on cue,

Wrapped in iron and steel on locomotive wheels, with high voltage reels replacing white hot steam trails.
From the buzz and throb of towers of glass to the sudden expanse of sky and grass.
Ancient lines emboss meadow and sand, lineage imprints this green and pleasant land,
Through rolling fields all crop and fallow, cresting highland peaks down valleys narrow,

Stowing your life in’ tween close packed luggage, friends gathered close fill fair hearts with courage,
As the brave adventurers glean boundless glory, and so great journeys breed even greater stories,

Flying into parishes and out of cities, nature unravelling, majestic and pretty,
Soft quiet breaths of close friendly banter while inherited rails warmly rumble and clatter,
With a packed up meal and a steaming brew in the warmth inside before the rustic view,

See the sun sweep the sky and the clouds brushing over, villages and towns come for this worldly rover,
See it dip ‘neath the horizon o’er pastoral hill sides, see the land cast night’s shadows into the chill evening tide,

‘Til the end of the journey into your home station,

Secretly smiling ahead to your next destination.

(* I wrote this for my first paying gig and just uncovered the original, before all the corporate oversight)

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