A Writer… oh whatever (pt3)

And lo' the early July day (well 'week') did cometh/came. I was set to meet *the boss* from *the production company* on Thursday but by Wednesday I'd not hard anything more specific. I called the office at lunchtime to see if there was anything in the diary but was told they'd drop me a line. … Continue reading A Writer… oh whatever (pt3)

A Writer Goes On… (pt2)

SO, as I was saying... I submitted a fairly early draft of Queensferry Rules to as many places as I could find in January 2017 in the hope of getting some valuable, actionable feedback, but more honestly to trigger a bidding war and finally buy my big gold house and a rocket car. The reception … Continue reading A Writer Goes On… (pt2)

What happens in TV Prison stays in TV Prison, but might be available on DVD

Growing up I was DEFINITELY going to be an actor, but only after following my older brother into Lacrosse (as a Goalie, to guarantee a game), and having solid rubber balls purposely hurled at me in the rain every weekend had lost lustre. I attended a Saturday Morning “Drama School” at The Club Theatre in Altrincham, … Continue reading What happens in TV Prison stays in TV Prison, but might be available on DVD

A Writer Begins (pt1 of an accidental trilogy)

I came to writing late after opting to take a year out from starting University in 1996, which then easily slipped to 18 years out, and I never actually went. The prospect of spending another 3 years surrounded by giddy drama students filled me with no small degree of dread. I finally undertook a part-time … Continue reading A Writer Begins (pt1 of an accidental trilogy)

Grey and Steel* (a poem about a train journey)

Night’s saturnine blanket still lays heavy, the moon’s all seeing gaze shines bright and steady. Dew glistens where it settled, life comes a stir, milk bottles tinkle, engines sputter to a purr. Most sleep masked eyes still yet to flicker, while shovel and broom clear the last scraps of litter. The masses still adrift on … Continue reading Grey and Steel* (a poem about a train journey)

Happy New Year / What a lot of “I”s

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET BACK TO WRITING?!?!?! I’ve been meaning to return to writing for days, if not months, but another scroll through my unchanged Facebook and Twitter feeds keeps getting in the way… Just maybe that thing I’d be missing is the key to my creative flow. I’ve got script stuff … Continue reading Happy New Year / What a lot of “I”s

An Unremarkable Child

Our new baby boy was born mid-September, with a normal delivery, but after a couple days in the hospital, struggling to feed, we learned he has a cleft palate. The palate is only visible when he has his mouth open, where you can see a vaulted arch, reaching into the roof of his mouth, in … Continue reading An Unremarkable Child

Please Hold…

My apologies for the radio silence, but as previously threatened, on September 17th at 1937hrs, a brand new male human was delivered into the world; 9 days late, and 8 miles off target. As a direct result of said arrival all my creative energies are being redirected to handling our unreasonable first born, and his … Continue reading Please Hold…

site under construction

I’ve not been nearly as prolific posting to this blog as I’d hoped. Hopefully my caveat laden intro/preamble established a good foundation of limited expectation. My HEAVILY PREGNANT wife and I are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child THIS WEEK, which is the main reason why this is a poorly timed foray into … Continue reading site under construction